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How to use this Alternative Cancer Treatments site

I am not a licensed medical practitioner, so I am not able to diagnose or prescribe for anyone. I am a researcher and a reporter. I report on published works and on the experiences of those who have used these treatments. I am privileged to have successfully served many who otherwise would have perished from cancer.

Since the treatments following are not tested and approved by any recognized conventional medical authority and there is no legal agency in place to support these highly effective methods, it is up to the user to assume all responsibility for the outcome of following these plans. If you are currently taking conventional medical treatments for cancer, please consult your doctor, as some of the elements of the following treatments will interfere with the conventional treatments. However, some treatments are very supportive (complimentary) to conventional medical procedures.

The best way to fight cancer with alternative treatments is to first acquire a good understanding of what they are and how they work. Many people with cancer don’t have the resources to make this kind of study. They need explicit information on what to do.

The first and best way is to provide information which will allow the patient to develop their plan of action. The purpose of this site is to not be comprehensive but to offer leads through links and other resources that will provide enough information to construct a successful program. Even this cursory presentation can be overwhelming to those who are frantically searching for treatment not information.

Please remember that people are different in their resources and their response to treatments. It will likely be necessary for many people to adjust their approach according to the results that they experience. Fortunately, progress is relatively easy to evaluate. You must find what works for you.

It has been my experience that virtually everyone who has been able to apply an effective dietary approach has achieved good results within two months or so. Some have experienced complete remission in as little as three weeks. This is why I offer it as my first choice.

Treating Cancer with Diet

If you wish to successfully treat cancer and avoid it for the rest of your life, you must be willing to make some permanent life style changes. The changes are mostly dietary. They include quitting eating any animal products and emphasizing fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. Is your life worth making these changes? To some people, it is not. I have seen may people stay with their destructive practices and die of cancer.

As with any treatment plan, you must first be prepared or you are subject to failure. If you decide to follow a dietary plan, as quickly as you can, acquire the following resources;

Get a good juicer. This is not a blender, an orange juicer, or a food processor. This is a machine that separates the juice of vegetables from the fiber.

Have a source of fresh vegetables. Organic is best, but many people successfully use commercially grown produce. Wash it well.

Clear away any emotional and social obstacles and arrange for time off from obligations that would keep you busy for a period of several weeks. This may be difficult for you to do. You may have to drop out of school, get leave of absence or quit your employment, quit your bowling league, allow someone else to care for your children, perhaps even sell your house etc. Whatever obligations that will prevent you from applying adequate attention to your plan must be removed, or you may fail. Most people do not need to take the most extreme measures in order to succeed, but you must be prepared to do whatever is necessary.

You may run into much interference from family and friends who will advise you against such a plan. You must be confident and in charge. You may say, “But I have worked hard to get to where I am in life. I don’t want to give all of that up!” all right, what will you give up if you die of cancer?

You must remain confident, determined and in charge. If you are not strong enough to do this for yourself, enlist help to keep you on track.

One basic plan is this: Take several glasses of freshly made vegetable, largely carrot, juice every day. This is not canned or bottled juice, but made from fresh vegetables and drunk within minutes from juicing. Agencies that use this plan with their patients give their patients 13 eight ounce glasses of freshly made carrot juice every day. Other dark green leafy vegetables and brightly colored vegetables such as beets and beet tops may also be juiced. Celery and spinach are good too.

You may add these excellent supplements; Dried Green Barley Leaves as tablets or powder. I prefer the tablets because they are measured and tasteless as compared with taking the powder. Some people take the powdered form in a food drink, but it is more effective if it is taken alone with water and during a period when no food has been taken for two hours. This allows the enzymes to go directly into the blood stream where the body begins healing immediately by using the enzymes to replace faulty cells with good ones.

The recommended dosage is to start with two tablets, (680 mg or so) the first day and increase by this amount daily until you are taking 20 or 21 tablets, (6,800 mg or so) every day. If diarrhea occurs due to the detoxification effect, you may back off on the dosage and build up again.

The recommended dosage is for people of average weight. If your weight varies widely from the weight of an average adult, adjust the dosage accordingly. Since it is a food product, you are not r3adilly able to overdose as with a prescription drug. Many people take 40 or more tablets every day with good results.

MGN3 is a powerful aid to fighting cancer. It is made of extracts produced from mushrooms and brown rice hulls. It has no known side effects and is very safe to use. The dosage instructions are on the container. It is effective with all kinds of cancers and in all stages of cancer development. It increases the activity of the NK (Natural Killer) cells by 300%. The NK cells actually explode the cancer cells to bits. It can be gotten from many health food stores. MGN3 has made the critical difference for many cancer patients.

This is a sketchy overview of such a plan. There is much more that you may do and should do if you wish a comprehensive attack on cancer.

This plan is usually enough to deliver a person from cancer in two months or so. Your progress can be readily monitored by taking daily pH readings as a powerful indicator of your progress. Wet a half inch strip of pH paper with saliva every morning before you brush your teeth, or take anything, even water. Compare the color of the strip to the chart on the box. A healing pH is 7.0 to 7.2. Lower than that means that your body is acid and is not likely to heal. You can get pH paper from most health food stores. a 15 foot, roll costs about $12 US and, used once a day, will last a year.

When you are into the plan for a day or two, you may notice that you feel very well, the best that you can remember. The next day or so may find you in a healing crisis. This is a period when the body starts to throw out the stored toxins in your body. This can cause severe distress. You may have severe flue like symptoms. You may have a skin rash or boils. You may have bad breath or strong body odors from past chemotherapy chemicals. It is best if you have a nutritionist to guide you through this process, but people can successfully do it un-aided.

The rule is to stay on the juice fast until the healing crisis is over for two days. (Many people stay on the fast for a month or more with continuing wonderful results.) You may slowly switch to a diet having solid foods. They should be only fresh fruits and vegetables. Gradually add in some cooked vegetables such as baked beans, squash, yams etc. until you have an 80% raw and 20% cooked food diet.

Don’t eat any meats, poultry, fish, or dairy products. Some agencies allow their patients to have 2 servings of white fish every week for protein. Actually, all the protein that your body needs is available from vegetables. That’s where the cows get it, right? Corn and beans can provide complete and balanced protein.

Don’t eat anything that comes packaged, canned or boxed. All processed foods, including fresh frozen vegetables that you get in a supermarket are processed. The essential enzymes are destroyed in order to make the product stay fresh and salable longer.

Please continue reading this series for additional treatment information.