Recommended Reading

For more information, you can get instant access to the Cancer Treatment Books below. And while they are not free, the authors have done extensive research and some have had experience with thousands of cancer patients!

Cure Your Cancer

Cure Your Cancer is a fantastic guide to gentle, non-toxic cancer therapies. Bill Henderson’s (a colleague of Bob Davis) experience with thousands of cancer patients in 51 countries is yours now. The best and cheapest alternative cancer therapies are not mystery any more.

Cancer: One Disease, One Cause

How to overcome cancer or any health problem and never worry again about sickness and disease! Until now this information has been very carefully guarded, as there is a lot of money to be lost if the general public were made aware of these solid truths and principles.

Breakthrough Cancer Treatments

Learn about more than 350 drug-free, natural cancer treatments used by thousands to cure their cancer. There is documented proof these treatments work – with over 2,000 testimonials.

How to Overcome Incurable Diseases and Health Problems

Before you take another chemo or radiation treatment … read this book first. This informative and to easy to read book will teach you valuable information about how disease develop and how simple changes in your diet may prevent and cure serious illness. Its an old hygienic maxim that the doctor does not heal, the medicines do not heal, only the body heals itself. If the body can’t heal then nothing can heal it.