The Right Decision Will Save Your Life

And now it’s up to you to decide what to do if you want to recover from a cancer diagnosis. Do you follow the traditional treatment path and hope your odds are in your favor? If you do that, will you destroy more good than bad body cells and leave no room left for alternative choices? Or do you first nourish and build up your immune system before trying any poisonous drugs? Remember, chemotherapy is poison. Understanding nutrition is vitally important for recovery, not after having traditional medical treatments, but before starting and medical treatments, if that’s the plan you are taking. If you want to follow an alternative option by using vitamins and supplements, diet and fresh fruit and vegetable juicing, I encourage you to visit my web site at: Or e-mail questions to Pat Aves . This web site shows the complete plan that was used for Dad’s recovery. Yes, four months after following a complete plan of vitamins, supplements, nutrition and juicing, there was no sign of a brain tumor. Dad had recovered from the life threatening cancer diagnosis. He was doomed to die right on schedule if he had followed the advice of the medical experts.

Please remember that God created man, created the heavens and the earth and created all that is good. If we follow God’s Plan to keep our bodies healthy, we have to start by the basic fundamentals of feeding each body cell that is within us. We are what we eat!

Cancer can “disappear” by using various alternative methods. The plan I used for my dad was based on diet (nutrition) and specific supplements purchased from Neways, Inc. I call this plan, The Cancer Recipe.

View these websites for information on the The Cancer Recipe and Neways, Inc., the company I used that makes effective, safe, carcinogen-free products and is endorsed by the Cancer Prevention Coalition. (Know Hope, The Cancer Recipe) (Neways, Inc., The Cancer Recipe products) (Cancer Prevention Coalition)
Or you can write for information regarding The Cancer Recipe to:
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About Pat Alves

Pat Alves is the Regional Coordinator for the Cancer Prevention Coalition, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to reducing escalating cancer rates through a comprehensive strategy of outreach, public education, advocacy and public policy initiatives. Pat is also a local director in the Chardon area, and works personally with the neighboring community chapters by speaking at all area meetings. Pat has been involved personally with cancer issues since 1997 when her father was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer (lymphoma) and given six months to live. Through her comprehensive study of alternative choices she was able to develop a plan that changed the outcome of her father's diagnosis. He was cancer free in four months. Since that time Pat has joined Cancer Prevention Coalition and has offered hope to any family or organization that is interested in hearing about prevention and alternative choices by speaking at meetings and through local radio broadcasts. Cancer topics are not her only subjects that she speaks about. She speaks on alternative health issues that currently have no cures, such as arthritis, osteoporosis, hormone replacement therapy and digestive disorders and helps people to understand their responsibility in making right choices about change and recovery. Pat also teaches clinics on Essential Oils, the aromatherapy and ancient approach of healing through oils and is an authorized representative of Neways International, the manufacturer of the purest essential oils in the world. Pat currently lives with her husband and daughter in Chardon, has two older children and is grandmother of two girls. She is currently studying in the area of BioScience Technology at Lakeland Community College. She is a member of the Lakeland Civic Band for 26 years, plays the flute, and is a professional seamstress with a home based sewing business.