How Stress Affects Cancer

Synopsis: This is an account of the extreme importance of stress management is the successful treatment of Cancer.


Dr. Schulze, an herbal doctor who specializes in the treatment of “incurable” diseases, said that all of the cancer patients he treated had the factor of severe stress in their lives. The kind of stress considered in this report is the problem that is the last thing you think about when you go to bed, the first thing you think about when you wake up, the thing that you brood about all day.

The significance of stress is that it shuts down the immune system, which we know by now, is the body’s main system for fighting cancer.

Dr. Linus Pauling states that stress uses up the bodies vitamin C supply, which is needed for the immune system to operate. If you have cancer, it is essential to organize your life in such a way that stressful people are not running your life by invading your thoughts and causing great active concern. I know that it is easy to say and very difficult to do. In my case, I had to dismiss some people who are very close family members and discontinue a relationship to them. I had to take charge of my emotional life. This has given me great relief. I do hope that someday I will be able to resume a normal and healthy relationship to them, but in the mean time, they are not gnawing at my insides.

It has taken 6 1/2 years from writing the above to resolution of the situation above. I have survived cancer and I am able to enjoy all of my family again.

The active ingredient in this process is forgiveness. I very consciously and actively forgave them for their part in the distress. This did not restore the relationship. They were forgiven “out” of a relationship. I claimed no retribution, no apology, no restitution. I considered them innocent by reason of incompetence, ignorance, poor example, poor up bringing and so on. The are really innocent of their background. They didn’t determine their ancestry. I forgave them, however, I was also out of their lives until proper consideration could be made of my reasonable personal needs in the relationship.

I am stressing this, because, most people assume that forgiveness means a resumption of a relationship. Not at all. Forgiveness meant that they owed me absolute nothing. I had no right or need of compensation of any kind. Forgiveness is for the benefit of the forgiver. It can and eventually may be for the benefit of the forgiven, but it’s first and most important work is to free the forgiver of expectations and requirements from another who is not able to deliver.

What did it do for me, and what can it do for you? “Cancer cannot grow in an alkaline body”. ( Dr. Ruth Swope). The two things that make a body acid are eating meat and stress. If you have cancer and are under a lot of relationship stress, take charge. Deal with it. If you don’t, it will deal with you. It may mean that you must re-define your expectations and requirements. So be it. Is proving you are right worth your life? It may be that you must re-evaluate your priorities and goals. What good are goals without life?

Another source of stress is in obligations. I told a young mother of two pre-schoolers with a very severe cancer and who was neglecting her personal care to take care of her children, that she needed to find a way to tend to her own personal healing program which she was neglecting. I told her that if she wanted to attend her daughter’s wedding, she may have to forgo her extensive involvement in her present raising of her children. Being a true mother with all of a mother’s instincts and love, she couldn’t consider it.

She was not able to make the appropriate considerations, so she died. Someone else is raising her children. Stress is a killer, we all know that. Now we have another reason to strive to eliminate it from our lives.

Caregivers, look at the stress in the life of the cancer patient you serve and see what you can do to relieve it. Certainly, family bickering has no place in the healing environment that is needed for a successful outcome. Sadly, I have seen this occur in the presence of cancer patients. Taking out the garbage without argument may be just the medicine that your mother with cancer needs.

Dr. Norman Cousins overcame cancer in his life by laughing. You may read an account of his experience by going to the site below.

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Stress shuts down the immune system that fights the cancer. Dr. Cousins overcame cancer in his life by laughing. You may read an account of his experience by going to the site below.

About Bob Davis

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Bob Davis and I am a retired engineer who did some work in various medical projects, but not as a doctor or other medical practitioner. In April 1996, I was admitted to the hospital as an outpatient for an x-ray. It was found that I had massive cancer. I had a mass in my abdomen a foot wide and several inches thick. Further, I had several masses in my chest, some of them “the size of soft balls”. It was also determined that I had cancer in my bone marrow. I asked my doctor what we were going to do. He said, “Try……….something else” What did I do? For three weeks I went on a juice fast and colon cleanse program. I am eager to share information on cancer treatment and general health issues. I do occasionally speak at meetings on several related subjects. My favorite subject is ENZYMES!!!