Jim Hudson’s Cancer Success Story

As of January 5, 2004

As I was being monitored for prostate cancer for the past few months, as I always do, I prayed for wisdom, peace of mind, and healing.

The Lord certainly answers prayers. Through a close friend’s father, Bob Davis. who had “terminal” cancer 7 years ago, I found out about his web site (www.cancersuccess.org). He has a wealth of information posted that has been around for years. Praise the Lord!
The middle of Nov. 2003 I had a biopsy and was diagnosed as having prostate cancer. On Nov. 25, 2003. I started a vegetable juice diet along with
“barley green” (to turn my body from acidic to alkaline). I started with 32 oz. of juice the first day, 64 oz, the second day and 104 oz. (approx. 8 oz. per hour) each day since.

As of today, Jan 5, 2004, I have lost approx. 25 lbs.. I have changed my body PH count from approx. 6.0 to approx. 7.4 with barley supreme. (Neutral count is 7.0). This diet has lowered my blood pressure to approx. 109/65. I NO LONGER TAKE ANY PRESCRIPTION DRUGS. I have NEVER felt better and I have had NO side effects. Best of all, I have NEVER been hungry. I admit it would have been nice to “graze” on food sometimes, but it’s not worth it. Cancer is nasty and life threatening.

On Dec. 2, 2003, my doctor gave me several options for cancer treatment. They included surgery, radiation, seed radiation, or chemotherapy.

At that time, I shared with my doctor that I wanted to continue this vegetable
juice diet for 30 days, then have my P.S.A. count checked again, (it was
6.65), and then make a decision on any treatment. On Jan. 5, 2004 I had an
appointment with my doctor. He informed me that in 30 days, my P.S.A. had
lowered to 5.4 and my prostate had shrunk considerably. I am going to continue to monitor my P.S.A. every 6 weeks to make sure it continues to lower or stay the same without treatment. Praise the Lord!

CHANGE OF MY LIFE: One alternative to weight loss and disposing of cancer causes.

Here are the pros of these choices:

weight loss
eat plenty
feel great
longer life
lots of energy
better eye sight
less drugs (maybe nine)
keep all my body parts
Food seems expensive, but is cheap compared to medical cost

Here are the cons of these choices:

over weight
greater chance of ill health and cancer
feel lousy
change what you are used to eating
probably not as tasty
10 sec. each hour to chug-a-lug 8 oz, juice
chemotherapy (throwing up,
hair loss, extremely sick,
nearly die from treatments (very expensive).

The principle is to eliminate all animal products from the body, flood the body with nutrients and change the body from acidic to alkaline. Cancers love an acidic environment. This is done with a raw vegetable juice diet. It consists of “fresh” juice extracted from carrots, beets, onions, garlic, lettuce, spinach, cauliflower, broccoli, turnips, parsnips, bell peppers, squash, celery, etc. I drink approx. 8 oz. of juice per hour (for males).

As my 30 day diet comes to an end, I will start phasing off the juice by eating some whole raw vegetables, with no more than 15 to 20% of them cooked. I will have no more than 1/2 oz. red wine per day, because it has
sugar in it. I will have no more than 12 oz. of green tea, because of the caffeine. I will have no more than 2 meals of fish per week. 2 eggs per week
(maybe) and some fresh fruits, being careful of the amount of sugar in them.
Some seasonings will be carefully used, because they could be toxic. But some seasonings would be better than failure.

All these choices are my choices. There are no hard and fast rules.
CAUTION: everyone’s body chemistry is somewhat different. I found the
information to make my decisions at web site: www.cancer-success.com (a Bob Davis site)

If I die soon, I highly suggest that you dispose of this information!

To be continued, hopefully and prayerfully,

James Hudson

I only present this information for eight reasons;

1. I am a coward.
2. I enjoy life.
3. I don’t want to suffer.
4. I dislike pain.
5. I see people in treatments
6. I am cheap.
7. I love the Lord.
8. I love my fellow man.

About Bob Davis

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Bob Davis and I am a retired engineer who did some work in various medical projects, but not as a doctor or other medical practitioner. In April 1996, I was admitted to the hospital as an outpatient for an x-ray. It was found that I had massive cancer. I had a mass in my abdomen a foot wide and several inches thick. Further, I had several masses in my chest, some of them “the size of soft balls”. It was also determined that I had cancer in my bone marrow. I asked my doctor what we were going to do. He said, “Try……….something else” What did I do? For three weeks I went on a juice fast and colon cleanse program. I am eager to share information on cancer treatment and general health issues. I do occasionally speak at meetings on several related subjects. My favorite subject is ENZYMES!!!