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Mr. Henderson is one of us who devotes much of our time to researching and publishing the best alternative cancer treatments that we can find. With his permission, I am giving a portion of his newsletter. You will note a continuing theme in His writings and mine regarding the importance diet in successfully treating cancer. This theme is continuous through virtually all successful alternative cancer treatment programs. His website is: The following is excerpted from Bill Henderson's Newsletter dated January 15th, 2004. You may access all of Bill Henderson's News Letters at; CURE YOUR CANCER February 24,2003 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ By Bill Henderson Author of the "Cure Your Cancer" e-book 210 pages - $14.95 Available for instant download into your computer Welcome to this thirty fifth issue of the Cure Your Cancer Newsletter. Everyone who receives this newsletter has asked to receive it. If you change your mind, unsubscribe instructions are at the end. If this is the first issue you have received of this newsletter, remember that all the previous issues are available at the "Newsletter Archives" page at my web site. They contain information which supplements my book. All the information in the first 34 newsletters has now been included in the e-book. You can read any of the past newsletters on the screen or print them out. There is no charge. To read the past newsletters, visit: and click on the Newsletters Archives link.